Sunday, August 26, 2007

Operation Sauce Drop

We've had a lot of military customers at the Carolina Sauce Company. We've shipped hot sauce all over the world. Evidently, many web sites won't take on the hassle of dealing with the Post Office to send to an APO. We've always thought that was wrong, and even though it's extra work, we've always cheerfully done it, and thrown in an extra bottle of something along with a message thanking them for their service. We think it's the least we can do while sitting here safe and sound in our homes while the troops are out there defending us.

Lately, we've heard stories of how the troops feel when they hear about us pulling out of Iraq. The media isn't doing the morale of the troops any favors. That's a shame, because no matter what your political leanings are, pretty much all of us appreciate the troops and what they do for us.

Gloria had a brainstorm and came up with Operation Sauce Drop. She has set up a donation page that we civilians can use to pool our resources and purchase gift boxes for the troops. And she's set up a sign up page that active duty military personnel stationed abroad can use to request a gift box.

The gift boxes are going out at no charge to the troops, and the donations are being converted to sauce at wholesale prices. There's no uplift on anything, and the Carolina Sauce Company is donating the labor to pack up the boxes and get them to the troops. The discount is the best bang for the buck you can get if you'd like to send something. Better yet, you can send any amount. We can all afford $5 as a message of support to our troops, can't we?

If you can't afford $5, you can still do your part. Spread the link to Operation Sauce Drop around on forums and blogs you know. Email it to your friends. Bookmark it on social sites. If you know a someone on active duty overseas, send them this link so they can sign up for their free gift. This is a great cause and we need to get the word out.

The pages have only been up a few hours and Operation Sauce Drop has already generated over $100. Let's show them our support!

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