Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Durham Red and White Closes -- The End of an Era

The Herald Sun had this sad news for Durham meat connoisseurs this week. Free registration is required, but the story is that the Red and White Grocery known to locals as "Billy's" is closing this week.

Billy, who is 78 and has owned the store since the 1950s, is going to retire.

Bill was one of the first store owners to take on Greg's Happy Sauce as a product in our early days. Many local fans of the sauce went to Billy's to get their fix.

Billy had the best spareribs around. He'd do a St. Louis cut for me right there. Or grind up a pork butt to mix with venison for making my own sausage. His frozen vegetables were wonderful.

We wish him well, and we're really going to miss him!

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