Friday, October 5, 2007

More Good things about Chili Peppers

Scientific American tells us that Chili Pepper Cocktail Blunts Pain
A key ingredient in chili peppers, chased with a local anesthetic, could be just the ticket for ending pain in the dentist's chair and on the operating table without the potentially dangerous side effects and all-numbing aftermath of traditional anesthesia, says a new Harvard Medical School study.

Researchers report in Nature that a combination of capsaicin (the ingredient that gives chili peppers their bite) and QX-314, a derivative of lidocaine (a local anesthetic used by dentists and to relieve inflamed, itchy skin), effectively silences pain-sensing nerve cells without disturbing other neurons that control motor function and other sensations.
So I guess there's something to the idea that you can get stoned on hot sauce!

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