Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Secret to Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Ok, this is one of the few things I don't grill. But I've certainly cooked them outdoors on the side burner.

I had an appetizer in a restaurant consisting of Scottish salmon and scrambled eggs. The were the most wonderful cheesy eggs I had ever had up until that point. I asked the manager what the secret was.

He said "We use very high quality cheese, finely grated. And we use heavy cream instead of milk."

Wow, so it's not exactly health food. But just a little heavy cream (perhaps half of what you would normally use in water/milk) provides a wonderful taste and texture. I'm sure Alton Brown could discuss the how the fat binds with the proteins and the viscosity helps the eggs form a custard, but take it from me, these are mighty fine eats.

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