Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Tech Economy is Improving

I have incontrovertible proof that the technology economy is improving again. In fact, the entire economy is downright booming.

This has nothing to do with financial analysis. It's based on the RSI, or my very own Restaurant Service Index. When times are good economically, the RSI tends to be low because people that would normally be employed as wait staff are able to find better jobs. So the people you find working in the back of the house and waiting tables are the people that couldn't do any better, even though there are plenty of good jobs.

When there's a downturn, the RSI rises. Software engineers find themselves competing for jobs as waiters. This puts more people into the market for these jobs, and the overall quality increases.

Back in 2000-2003, during the height of the tech crunch, restaurant service in RTP and Silicon Valley was outstanding. I just got back from a trip to Silicon Valley, and I can verify that it's the same now as RTP. In general, restaurant service is terrible these days. The RSI is quite low.

Which is very good for your pocketbook.

It's just a shame that when I've actually got money to go out to eat the service is bad...

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