Saturday, September 29, 2007

I wish She Was my Representative!

Somehow, I don't think David Price would get it like this. Evidently, there's a group in Michigan called "Save the Doves" that is against dove hunting. They published a response from Susan Tabor to their request to not allow doves to be considered game animals:

Constituent to Rep Tabor: "Michigan has far more important and pressing issues than what animal to add to a hunting list. We have a lack of jobs, lack of good paying jobs, our land is getting all used up by houses, and now we allow the demise of our natural resources. There are already plenty of game animals. Now they allow the killing of innocent doves; want to add sand hill cranes and possibly wolves to the list of game animals, what is next. I am really sickened by it...Please consider the creatures God put here on this earth, just as He put us here on this earth and give them more respect and put an end to this never ending "game list" the committee is talking about in House Bill 6272."

Response from Susan Tabor: "yes I know. Have you ever watched a dove fall from the sky after you've shot it? Have you ever tasted them after wrapping them with bacon and lightly grilling them? let me guess. you don't eat meat right?"
But it gets better. The next response:
Constituent to Rep Tabor: "I thank you for responding to my email. I am 72 and have not missed any election since I was old enough to vote...I will continue my petition drive because I firmly believe that dove hunting is not a challenging sport as you proported. They are lazy, dumb, slow flying bird that are a favorite prey of hawks. I do not appreciate your rather cryptic comment. It is insulting."

Response from Susan Tabor:
"I'm insulted that you think you know more about dove hunting than I do. Have you watched it? Tried it? I can assure you they are not lazy, dumb or slow flying and most of all - THEY ARE DELICIOUS! YUM YUM! There. We are both insulted now. Have a great day!"
Wow, I wish she'd move to North Carolina so I could vote for her!

I'm sorry, but anyone that thinks that doves are a "lazy, dumb, slow flying bird" is totally clueless. They've obviously never seen a dove jink out of the way because they spotted your muzzle blast. Or seen a dove run the gauntlet of 15 hunters and emerge unscathed. They are by far one of the most challenging game birds to hunt. And frankly, they're also one of the tastiest!

It's nice to see a politician that doesn't claim to "understand their position" and stoop down to try to reason with them. Sometimes you just have to make fun of the wackos, because there's no convincing them.

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