Saturday, September 29, 2007

Last of the Venison

I don't do too many "here's what I ate last night" posts, but this meal will be an exception. While rummaging through the freezer, I found a last package of venison burger hiding in the back.

Venison is extremely lean meat, so I always mix it with a bit of seasoning, bread crumbs, egg, and a marinade. This time it was Big Daddy's Marinade, which provides a wonderful taste.

Heat up the grill to maximum. Spray each side of the burger with non-stick spray because there's generally not enough fat in the meat to keep it from sticking. Cook the burgers on a side for 3-5 minutes (depending upon their size), then flip. Only flip a burger once. You'll notice the nice grill marks on the meat -- that's due to the high heat. Now, cut back on the heat to a medium, and add cheese. In this case, it was some very nice crumbled blue cheese. By the time the cheese melts, the burgers will be done. Even though I grind my own meat, I still prefer hamburgers cooked to medium.

We also had some grilled peppers and onions on the side.

Black powder season starts next Saturday. I'm so hungry I can barely wait!

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